FlickStart available on Google Play use it with FlickNet also available on Google Play
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for Android

Use an action to start or control other apps.

NEW!  Now you can use speech in FlickStart to control even more functions in phone or PC apps.

Use FlickNet with FlickStart to control apps on Windows PCs.

FlickStart senses up to 9 different forms of movement.

Works while walking, running, driving or cycling.

Adjusts to your preferred speed of movement.

Create simple or complex commands for controlling apps.

Share command sets for additional apps and functions.

Tailor existing commands easily.

Start and stop a handheld video capture by flicking your wrist (requires Android 5.0+).

Start a sound file with a movement.

Answer/Hangup an incoming call without touching your phone (requires Android 5.0+).

Check out how to set up FlickStart for phones and tablets and Androidwear watches. Setting up FlickNet is described here.

Watch the videos to see how it's done:
  • FlickStart Demonstration
  • FlickStart Sampler
  • What is a FlickStart Move
  • Create a Command to Start an App
  • Change Sound Files
  • Some other things about FlickStart and FlickNet on this site:
  • How FlickStart and FlickNet work
  • Some apps that work with FlickStart
  • Using expressions in FlickStart
  • Browse through the FlickStart panels
  • The FlickStart Manual

  • Privacy Policy