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FlickStart Apps Privacy Policy

FlickStart App

The FlickStart app does not save or capture any personal information by itself.

However, you can create commands for FlickStart which do access personal information (eg. SMS data, or Contact data). Commands that do just that are included in the set of commands distributed as part of the app. Even though the supplied commands access areas such your SMS data when you use those commands, that data is not examined by FlickStart. The data is either read and given to you or passed passed on to the requested app (eg. your email app).

If you use commands that access personal data with the voice based mechanisms (speech input or output) you need to be aware that other people might then hear some of your personal data.

If you use FlickStart with a wearable, personal data may be transmitted between the wearable and the phone (eg. a photo) depending which commands you use or create. FlickStart does not encrypt traffic between the phone and the wearable, relying solely on the Android system.

You have full control over the commands and how you use them. There is nothing in FlickStart that accesses sensitive data on its own. If sensitve data is accessed, it is done in direct response to an action by you.

FlickNet App

The FlickNet app saves only a few options and the list of PCs that have been connected to the phone.

All data it receives to be passed to a PC is passed through as is and is not examined. However, the data is unencrypted in transit from the phone to a PC.

The WinFlickNet app running on a PC also does not store or examine any data it receives from FlickNet, simply passing it on to the Windows OS or Windows apps.

The FlickStart Website

The website does not capture any data about individuals. It does count downloads (although not where the request came from). No tracking of page use on the site is carried out. Site visitors are not required to create accounts or to login.

Privacy Policy